Local school garden improved through new charity partnership

TCV and S Voase Builders Ltd have partnered to conserve local green areas and create healthy and happy communities across Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The partnership launched last week at Newington Academy in Hull. 11 volunteers helped to construct a large raised bed, which will add to the space used in the school’s active garden club. The local primary school children will go on to decorate the bed and leave a legacy of their involvement by painting a tile that will be attached to the outside of the bed.

Working on a project basis, the partnership will span 12 months and will see TCV staff and volunteers working with local schools, communities and other Voase Builders partners to complete practical conservation activities such as improving gardens and looking after green spaces.

Leah Hallas, TCV Project Officer said: All of our volunteers and the school children had a fantastic time building the raised bed. Gardening is a great way for volunteers to maintain a happy mind and healthy body, and the local primary school now have a useful addition to their already successful gardening club. We look forward to working with Voase Builders over the next year on similar projects.

Victoria Voase, S Voase Builders Ltd said: We wanted to partner with a charity that made a difference to local communities and could carry out projects which would also benefit our clients. After some research into the local area, we felt TCV was a perfect fit. We hope to make a big impact across Hull and the East Riding over the next 12 months with TCV and the first project at Newington Academy was a brilliant start.

Steve Kernan, Headteacher Newington Academy said: Pupils from our Newington Gardening Club worked alongside volunteers from TCV to create a 'Super Planter', which will house 1500 tulips. Members of the school's hugely successful Gardening Club were thrilled to be part of the project and are now working on a project to decorate the planter with a unique design for each of the 329 pupils here at Newington!

About The Conservation Volunteers, The Community Volunteering Charity

Every day TCV works across the UK to create healthier and happier communities for everyone - communities where our activities have a lasting impact on people’s health, prospects and outdoor places.

TCV works together with communities to deliver practical solutions to the real life challenges they face.

  • TCV transforms people’s health: being active outdoors improves people’s mental and physical well-being and brings people together
  • TCV transforms peoples’ prospects: helping people get back to work and improve their economic well-being
  • TCV transforms outdoor spaces: empowering communities to take responsibility for improving their environment

Our vital work includes:

  • Green Gyms: Benefits both the health and wellbeing of participants and the people who enjoy these well-managed outdoor places in the heart of their community.
  • Natural Talent: Supports the development of a wide range of skills from core numeracy and literacy through to hands-on conservation experience.
  • Community Builder: Encourages people to take an active role in the creation and development of local outdoor spaces that reflect their community’s unique needs.

We support:

  • Over 11,000 volunteers each year to face the challenges of being indoors, inactive or isolated
  • Over 130 Green Gyms to improve people’s health and wellbeing
  • More than 2,000 community groups across the UK to transform outdoor spaces
  • Over 18,000 individuals each year to gain skills, qualifications and move into employment through our ETS programmes.

For over 50 years we have adapted our work with volunteers to reflect the changing needs of communities in the UK and, by giving people a sense of purpose and belonging, we have empowered them to take control of their lives and outdoor spaces for the benefit of all.

Whilst our activities vary, our inclusive approach has remained consistent; bringing people and places together to create happy, healthy and connected communities for everyone.

Victoria Voase, Voase Builders, Leah Hallas, TVC, Steve Kernan, Headteacher Newington Academy together with the TVC volunteers and Newington Academy pupils.

Victoria Voase (Voase Builders), Leah Hallas (TVC), Steve Kernan (Headteacher Newington Academy) together with the TVC volunteers and Newington Academy pupils.